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I spent this past weekend in Queens and New York City, which should be more than an occasion. I had a lot of fun but made the rookie mistake of forgetting to bring flats- consequence being that I had to wear heels (wedges) all three days of my adventure- which means I basically walked 15 miles in heels. The first few days, besides a few stumbles I was completely fine walking around in my…

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Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban get ready for 'American Idol'

Not PINK like those Victoria’s Secret writing on the butt sweatpants…

I am notoriously known for wearing “funeral attire” on normal days, whether or not I will be attending a funeral or death related event. I truly just like dark colors. Anyone who knows me knows that outside of darks and neutrals, I can occasionally flaunt a bright solid. Recently, it has come to my attention that bright-almost…

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The set up is familiar: good girls flirt with bad, get in over their heads, learn a lesson — with some boobs and teen exploitation along the way. Think: Anne Hathaway in Havoc. But this is a shell and, finally, a dupe. For…

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While searching the web for a small summer internship or something of the sort, I stumbled upon an ad for “The Artists Rights Movement”. The ad vaguely explains what the cause is in one sentence and how you might get involved. The founders of the…

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Ya know, I have felt like I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed for the past few days. Today, however, was different. I’m blaming it on the sunshine. I feel great. I also think it’s because I didn’t have to put a constricting sweater on today. I’m…

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I’m having a bad hair day, and I barely have any hair!!!!! How does that even happen? I hate my sweater too, why is it 30 degrees on April 3rd? I shouldn’t even have to wear a sweater in April, let alone a sweater with a stupid Scottish dog on it. This…

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Put her in a straight jacketAre you a crazy girl? 
Ladies, it’s okay to be crazy, in fact most people are. As Jack Kerouac…View Post
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#thatcakethoSo, today I started the 30 day squat challenge with my friend C. She and I realized that we are…View Post
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I wish that ass was in my kitchen every morning I’d be happy everyday.
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Talk Hard, Steal the Air.
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